Personal Projects

Social Responsibilities

Mindful Trails

Transforming outdoor activities into a gamified well-being journey. Key Features: Mission Variety, Destination Unveiling, Educational Content.

Empower Georgia

Fostering technological innovation, promoting sustainability, and contributing to economic recovery in regions that need it most.


Empowering civil society organizations (CSOs), youth workers, and NGOs with digital skills, fostering transparency, accountability, and community engagement.


The most important intiative which starts next year.

Professional Perspective


A hub for Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Big Data, Data Delivery Management and Data Science.

Product Group

Empowering individuals through a Product Workshop Hub, to unravel the secrets behind crafting products that resonate with customers.

Japanese Project Management

Methodologies: Kaizen, Gemba and Hoshin Kanri; Cultural Influences - How Japanese culture influences project management practices; Showcase case studies.


This project falls within the IT sector and specifically focuses on innovative telemedicine and data-driven healthcare solutions.


Hiking Georgia

Trail Guides, Maps and Navigation, Trail Reviews and Ratings, Hiking Tips and Resources, Community and Events, Photography and Stories, Weather Updates, Conservation and Leave No Trace Practices.


Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

My Cinematic Journey

Filmography Showcase, Script Corner, Behind-the-Scenes Insights, Interactive Portfolio, User Ratings and Reviews, News and Updates, Contact and Collaboration


Musical Showcase, Visual Art Gallery, Interactive Multimedia Displays, Collaborative Creations, Behind-the-Art Insights, Virtual Concert Halls, Exclusive Releases