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My Knowledge Areas

As a Data Scientist, I harness the power of Python to perform predictive analytics and machine learning tasks. My responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities, including data collection and analysis, data cleaning and preprocessing, model development and implementation, result evaluation and interpretation, all while prioritizing ethical considerations. My expertise extends to various areas, including exploratory data analysis (EDA), data storytelling, proficient use of Pandas, managing large-scale datasets, employing machine learning techniques like ARIMA, SARIMA, and deep learning, as well as real-time prediction, orchestration using Apache Airflow, and seamless API integration.

In my role as a Business Intelligence Analyst, I am dedicated to reshaping the organization's culture, optimizing business processes, innovating new business products, and delivering solutions that empower and enhance business operations. My contributions include defining strategic objectives, efficiently managing the business analysis process, meticulously engineering requirements, and critically evaluating and refining solutions to align with our overarching goals. I adhere to DevOps principles, ensuring the effective adherence to relevant processes throughout the organization.

As a Big Data Engineer, I specialize in architecting and managing the infrastructure required to handle vast amounts of data. My responsibilities revolve around designing, implementing, and maintaining data pipelines that enable the seamless flow of information within an organization. I am proficient in utilizing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks for data processing and storage, ensuring the organization can harness the full potential of its data assets.

In my capacity as a Product Manager, I assume the role of a product CEO, tirelessly advocating for our customers' interests and working diligently to maximize the value of our products. My approach revolves around crafting a comprehensive product strategy with a clear market vision. I emphasize the importance of continuous discovery and delivery, and I'm adept at facilitating transformative changes within organizations to ensure our products are aligned with targeted business needs. To support these endeavors, I harness the power of SQL, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI to conduct in-depth analyses of user activity, extracting valuable insights that drive product enhancements.

As a Data Delivery Manager, I prioritize a DevOps-friendly approach to streamline the process of delivering data-driven solutions. My role encompasses overseeing the efficient delivery of data products, ensuring that data pipelines are robust, reliable, and scalable. I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to bridge the gap between data science and engineering, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes data-driven decision-making.

As a Project Manager, I bring specialized expertise in the domains of AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning), GAI (General Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things). I lead projects with a keen focus on leveraging these cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and deliver transformative solutions. My comprehensive understanding of these domains enables me to guide project teams in addressing complex global challenges while ensuring successful project execution.

Story of My Life


Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Master of Science Degree Program in Computer Engineering

Internet Architectures and Services (Agile Network Service Development, Cloud Networking, Internet Services and Applications, Infocommunication Services)
Cloud and Parallel Systems (Cloud Computing, High Performance Parallel Computing, GPGPU Applications, Parallel Programming)
Engineering Management, Information Theory, Languages and Automata, System Optimization, Advanced Mathematics for Informaticians


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner PMI
Business Analyst IQBBA
Professional Scrum Product Owner Scrum.org
SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Scaled Agile
Professional Scrum Master Scrum.org
PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments) AXELOS
UX Designer Interaction Design Foundation
Tester Foundation Level ISTQB
IT Specialist JavaScript Certiport
Node.js Application Developer OpenJS
DevOps Fundamentals PeopleCert
Data Analytics AWS
Cloud Practitioner AWS
Solutions Architect AWS
Azure Data Scientist Microsoft

Fjord Data Bridge

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Digital well-being, Mental Health and Self-Care

Goga Surguladze is a founder of MindfulTrails.app, well-being application that transforms your outdoor activities into a gamified well-being journey.

How Mindful Trails Works
Experiential Learning: The application provides a series of engaging missions that integrate with your outdoor adventures. As you navigate through trails, each mission introduces new destinations and tasks, encouraging exploration and discovery.
Reflective Sessions: Deepen your connection through reflective sessions. These sessions help reflect on outdoor experiences, fostering a profound understanding of personal growth and well-being journey.

Goga has years of volunteering experience, starting from school years and continuing through student years, contributing to two organizations—one local and later, one international.

Currently, Goga is a founder of an organisation "Youth Empowerment Initiative", dedicated to empowering youth and inspiring change.
You can learn more about it at Empowerment.org.ge.

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